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›(in)visible‹ 27/11/2021—27/01/2022

›(in)visible‹ 27/11/2021—27/01/2022

Constance 27/11/2021—27/01/2022

Sandra Schlipkoeter bases her work on a physical phenomenon, which she isolates from the space of the invisible and transfers it into a visible context. Interferences are superpositions of waves in optical space that create complex line patterns and are made visible on the computer screen using a digital photo. Wave-like lines seem to manifest themselves on the screen in an indefinable rhythm. In a similar way, the phenomenon of light proves itself to be an intangible but nevertheless ever-present momentum. The artist uses these non-haptic spheres and translates them into objective, sculptural, painterly and installation art.

Sandra Schlipkoeter's framed works prove to be multi-layered works that are articulated in moving waves and lines. The numerous levels are dynamically interwoven, citing the graphic lines of the digitally generated disturbances and thus offering us an exciting, not entirely clear moment of contemplation. This image design is based on a well-thought-out approach on the part of the artist that has been thoroughly researched over the years. She approaches the ephemeral phenomenon from an artistic perspective by exploring different possible combinations and technological artifacts.

In addition to the multi-layered paper cuts that intertwine in multiple dimensions, the artist also demonstrates her craftsmanship at the level of classic oil painting. In an illusionistic manner, she captures a play of light and shadow on canvas that cites the digital interference and only becomes recognizable as such upon closer inspection. Here, the artist plays with color gradients and fictitious movement in an indefinable space.

In the solo exhibition in the Konstanz gallery, the artist will also present a space-related installation that she developed in direct engagement with the location and its effect. The monochrome objects play with a multi-layered dualism: light and shadow, empty spaces and material, as well as the visible and the invisible.

Sandra Schlipkoeter, who was born in Solingen and now lives in Berlin, studied under Professor Eberhard Havekost at the Düsseldorf Art Academy, among others, and was awarded the title of master student in 2011. "In my work, I focus on making an invisible phenomenon visible, which I make visible in a 100th of a second with a camera. I transfer this artistically to canvas, paper cutouts and sculptures over days and weeks," the artist sums up her exciting and, in the truest sense of the word, multi-layered work.

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