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›twenty.thousand.volts.‹ 06/05/2022—19/06/2022

›twenty.thousand.volts.‹ 06/05/2022—19/06/2022

    Deniz Alt | Patrick Cierpka | Nicola Grabiele | Lennart Grau | Marc Jung | Katrin Kampmann | Florian Lechner | Jirka Pfahl | Römer + Römer | Sandra Schlipkoeter | Anna Tatarczyk | Lars Teichmann | Miriam Vlaming | Danil Yordanov

    Frankfurt 06/05/2022—19/06/2022

    With this large group show in its Frankfurt premises, Galerie Lachenmann Art is presenting fourteen artistic positions and a selection of their current works. The tensions that develop between the individual works captivate the viewer and prove themselves to be poetic counterparts in their simultaneous existence. Loud, large and in intense colors, some canvas works reach out, while works with reduced colors develop an unexpected power. The air shimmers, the room seems charged by the effect of the various objects, which also enter into a direct dialogue with one another. The diverse characters and the liveliness of the artists find their way into the works shown here and enliven the exhibition rooms. White walls are filled with life, energy, excitement and dynamism.

    The broad selection of participating positions allows a comprehensive look at the work of contemporary artists who reveal and share their subjective views of the world in a breathtaking spectrum.

    Deniz Alt, *1978 Aschaffenburg

    The artist lives and works in Frankfurt am Main and studied at the Städelschule. In his work he deals with the topicality of history and the subjective coming to terms with the past. Architectural moments play an important role in direct juxtaposition with the individual, which is the subject of current social discourses.

    Patrick Cierpka, *1967 Giengen

    Cierpka studied under Karl Horst Hödicke at the University of the Arts and excelled as a master student in the painting class. In his sensitive works he plays with light and shadow, setting faceted color against brilliant white. A pointillist rain of color pours over his latest work ›QUELLE‹ and flickers across the canvas.

    Nicola Grabiele, *1965 Winterthur

    The Swiss artist devotes his work to color field painting, which is particularly striking in the works shown here due to its reduced color. The materiality of the paint plays an important role here. Grabiele's artistic process is characterized by the repeated application and removal of this material, whereby the artist's hand and his characteristic style remain in each work.

    Lennart Grau, *1981 Krefeld

    The Berlin artist studied fine arts under Prof. Leiko Ikemura and stands out as a master student. His bright color worlds appear almost like reliefs due to the pasty application of paint, which creates an exciting contrast with the carefree motifs that Lennart Grau repeatedly borrows from the lightness of the Rococo. The aesthetics of the past are transferred into a contemporary context.

    Marc Jung, *1985 Erfurt

    The master student of Prof. Wolfram Adalbert Scheffler works on his shrill works in Berlin and Erfurt. He repeatedly refers to contemporary pop culture both with his picture subjects and with the respective titles. He uses multi-layered materials with which he brings the figurative moments to light in an energetic style.

    Katrin Kampmann, *1979 Bonn

    Berlin-based artist Katrin Kampmann takes us into a dreamlike world of flowing colors with her colorful works. While monumental mountain worlds manifest themselves on canvas, Kampmann's latest portraits delicately depict personalities who all seem quiet and lost in themselves.

    Florian Lechner, *1981 Burghausen

    Florian Lechner lives and works in Munich, where he studied sculpture under Hans Op de Beek and Hermann Pitz and graduated as a master student. Clear lines, simple elegance and reduced colors characterize his works, which at first appear sober. The classic limitations of painting are overcome and the space is taken over by the precise structures.

    Jirka Pfahl, *1976 Wurzen

    The artist lives and works in Leipzig, where he studied under Prof. Helmut Mark at the Academy of Visual Arts, among others. On closer inspection, the clearly structured wall objects reveal themselves to be precisely crafted paper folds, which reveal new patterns in their alternation between protruding and receding elements. The mathematical principle underlying the works unfolds a strict beauty.

    Romans + Romans

    Nina Römer *1978 Moscow, Russia &
    Torsten Römer *1968 Aachen

    Nina and Torsten Römer have formed the artist duo Römer + Römer since 1998 and both studied under Prof. AR Penck in Düsseldorf. Photographs of their travels together often find their way into the imagery as sources of inspiration for their pointillist works. Various motifs are brought to the canvas in meticulous work and a collective painting style and develop an impressive impact, especially in the large formats.

    Sandra Schlipkoeter, *1979 Solingen

    Sandra Schlipkoeter bases her work on a physical phenomenon, which she isolates from the space of the invisible and transfers it into a visible context. Wave-like lines seem to manifest themselves on her canvases in an indefinable rhythm. She studied under Prof. Eberhard Havekost at the Kunstalademie Düsseldorf.

    Anna Tatarczyk, *1973 Wodzisław Śląski, Poland

    Anna Tatarczyk studied fine art under AR Penck and Siegfried Anzinger at the Düsseldorf Art Academy. She was also Jörg Immendorff's assistant for two years. She lives and works in Wuppertal. The diamond holds a special place among the geometric shapes for the artist. She lets them dance on the tip and catches the light with them. Her work represents the continuation of concrete art and can be located between concrete art and op art, as well as between minimalism and Arte Povera.Lars Teichmann, *1980 Burgstädt

    The Berlin-based artist studied under Daniel Richter at the Berlin University of the Arts, among others, and is characterized by repeated art-historical quotations, which he effectively transfers into contemporary contexts in his works. Painting processes remain clearly visible on the canvas works and blend into the figuration of the respective objects. This creates an exciting interplay between figure and artistic trace.

    Miriam Vlaming, *1971 Hilden

    Miriam Vlaming studied under Prof. Arno Rink at the Academy of Visual Arts in Leipzig. She lives and works in Berlin. In her mysterious pictorial worlds she deals with the direct juxtaposition of people and nature, whereby a constant oscillation between abstraction and figuration sends the viewer on a journey of discovery. Sometimes glazed, sometimes pastose, the artist proves herself to be an accomplished master of color.

    Danil Yordanov, *1972 Balchik, Bulgaria

    The artist, who lives in Kaiserslautern, creates abstract, monochrome works with graphite that are characterized by their radical reduction. Yordanov exploits the fine nuances between black and white, allows the material to become the constitutive moment of the work and thereby creates the monumental effect of the objects. Achromatic tonality pairs with the texture of the surface and conjures up an almost industrial character of the work.

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