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›TOTAL MUSEUM‹ 09/05/2020—10/07/2020

›TOTAL MUSEUM‹ 09/05/2020—10/07/2020

Frankfurt 09/05/2020—10/07/2020

“It was late August.
The road lay barren in front of the door.
The windows open. Hot.
The scent of dry moss wafts through the air.
Midnight. The gas lamps illuminate the table.
A lobster, opened up, showing its meat.
Deafening noise.
A drop of champagne
kills himself on the ground.”

In the solo exhibition ›TOTAL MUSEUM‹, the Lachenmann Art gallery is showing a new series of works by Lars Teichmann, which is dedicated to the theme of still lifes in large format. The previously unpublished works are impressive not only for their physical dimensions, but also for their unique depth of color, composition and painterly veiling.

A still life is something that has happened, a fixed point in a fluctuating moment. It tells a lot more than the objects depicted in it. The memory of a celebration, a gathering, lived closeness. - The events around the objects.

All things that are currently only possible with restrictions. In view of these new global social changes, Teichmann transforms the still life into a contemporary strength and penetrating presence. He invites us to immerse ourselves in these oversized works and celebrate an inner festival with everything that we have been familiar with them so far.

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