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›The Works‹ 07/11/2020—03/03/2021

›The Works‹ 07/11/2020—03/03/2021

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Constance 07/11/2020—03/03/2021

On October 18, 2014, the Lachenmann Art gallery opened in Konstanz, and the Frankfurt gallery was added on June 7, 2018. Today, 47 exhibitions later, we are celebrating our six-year anniversary with two anniversary exhibitions ›THE WORKS‹, which are being shown in parallel in both galleries. On this occasion, we are presenting current works by our represented artists: a self-portrait by Deniz Alt (Frankfurt), who reflects the search for his own origins in his works, is juxtaposed with the dazzling moments and empty spaces by Patrick Cierpka (Berlin), who skilfully captures the play of colors of light between the branches of trees and on the waves. Marc Jung's (Erfurt) works reveal his (critical) view of the world and the actors of our contemporary history: coming from street graffiti, often loud, always energetic and colorful, while Danil Yordanov (Kaiserslautern) creates a calm, introspective moment: the abstract and monochrome surfaces testify to power and timelessness. The familiar large-format portraits by Lars Teichmann (Berlin) take up quotes from the art historical past and Jukka Rusanen's (Lahti / Finland) brushwork radiates an immediacy that is rounded off by the delicate yet radiant colors. Jirka Pfahl's (Leipzig) works become mathematical beauties through their strict form of accurate geometry. They complement the wall objects by Florian Lechner (Munich), which conquer the room with their simple elegance and almost opulent reduction. The artist couple Römer+Römer (Berlin) capture snapshots of major events such as the Burning Man Festival as well as (un)everyday scenes and translate them into paintings in an extraordinary way. The Albanian artist Genti Korini (Tirana) borrows his strictly geometric figures from the architecture of his hometown and creates fascinating new, lively forms on canvas. In the gallery in Konstanz, Jan Davidoff (Munich) lets us dream of remote places in nature with his works and Stefan Rinck (Berlin) captivates the viewer with an impressive sandstone sculpture reminiscent of fairy tales and legends. In the Frankfurt gallery, the photographs of fish dressed in haute couture by Markus Brenner (Konstanz) are seductive.

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