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›Studio 85‹ 21/07/2023—02/09/2023

›Studio 85‹ 21/07/2023—02/09/2023

      Markus Brenner | Patrick Cierpka | Lilli Elsner | Michael Erbach | Dénesh Ghyczy | Marc Jung | Ji Eun Lee | Martin Oswald | John Petschinger | Christiane Pieper | Jukka Rusanen | Erdo Sam | Sandra Schlipkoeter | Katrin Wächter

      Frankfurt 21/07/2023—02/09/2023

      The exhibition is entitled ›Studio 85‹, a small humorous allusion to the legendary nightclub ›Studio 54‹ and at the same time a connection to the 85th exhibition of the Lachenmann Art gallery .

      The legendary Studio 54 was an exclusive nightclub in New York City that became an icon of the disco era in the late 1970s. The club, opened in 1977, attracted a dazzling mix of celebrities, artists and partygoers. Known for its extravagant and wild parties, Studio 54 became a symbol of the exuberance and freedom of an era.

      The exhibition ›Studio 85‹ has a fascinating title, however, because of another level: the term ›studio‹ refers to the English word for ›artist's studio‹, which represents the creative process and the creative world of art. The title is a tribute to the lively history of art and to the energy and glamour of days past and present. The predominantly painterly positions capture attention with vibrant colors, striking textures and fascinating motifs. While some works use figurative representation and continue the tradition of pictorial representation, others surprise with monochrome color compositions that embody a minimalist aesthetic. In addition, one discovers a depth in the multi-layered paintings that invites the viewer to immerse themselves and discover. The exhibition thus offers an exciting variety of artistic forms of expression that both reflect the traditions of painting and take innovative paths.

      Installation Views: Credits Daniel Beyer

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