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›Studio 84‹ 16/06/2023—29/07/2023

›Studio 84‹ 16/06/2023—29/07/2023

    Constance 16/06/2023—29/07/2023

    The unmistakable theme of color runs through all the works of the twenty artists presented here. From the multifaceted still lifes of the Italian-born Yvonne Andreini to the color-intensive work of Sascha Boldt and the unusual collages and canvas works of the artist Michael Erbachs; everywhere the use of color and the design of the picture space with its help catches the eye. For the first time, Lachenmann Art is presenting the mysterious interior views of the Austrian-based artist Dénesh Ghyzcy in direct dialogue with the reduced canvas works of Nicola Grabiele. The gallery artist Katrin Kampmann shines with her colorful mountain and landscape views, while the young artist Ji Eun Lee presents her latest wall objects made of cast resin and wicker baskets. Daniel Mohr's enigmatic imagery takes us into unknown scouts and Valentina Murabito's unique analogue photographs show completely new perspectives on a medium that seems familiar to us. The delicate watercolors of the artist Martin Oswald accompany us into abstract landscapes, and in the works on metal by John Petschinger we are always accompanied by a small stylized white flower. The multi-layered color worlds of Christiane Pieper with oil on canvas convey peace and harmony, while in Robert Ritter's haptic works the materiality of the color itself becomes the object. A deep blue portrait by the artist Mimi Rumenova is contrasted with the figurative works of the artist Erdo Sam, while the delicate water works of the Konstanz artist Stefanie Scheurell captivate with their unique technique. The works of the Berlin artist Sandra Schlipkoeter are based on the physical phenomenon of interference and contrast with the concrete sculptures of Ronny Szillo. The Dutch artist Peter Vink presents one of his breathtaking light installations, while the long-time gallery artist Danil Yordanov impresses with his minimalist graphite works.

    Installation Views: Credits Daniel Beyer

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