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›Relics‹ 24/09/2022—19/11/2022

›Relics‹ 24/09/2022—19/11/2022

Constance 24/09/2022—19/11/2022

Last year, Agnes Lammert, Franziska Klotz, Jirka Pfahl and Ronny Szillo addressed the question “What remains?”
For this purpose, an exciting exhibition concept entitled ›Nachwelt‹ was created, which posed urgent questions and presented initial answers, especially in times of a global pandemic.

In the exhibition ›Nachwelt‹, which was shown in our Frankfurt gallery, the four artists from Leipzig and Berlin presented their predictions of the future and a history of tomorrow.

With the exhibition ›Relics‹ we explore the meaning of art in the near or distant future, ask about the substance of man in connection with a time that is then past and stage contemporary products as fictitious remnants of the past.

In Agnes Lammert's sensual works, the traces of their creation remain visible and thus point to their own materiality. Mysterious and yet familiar, the haptic sculptures enliven the exhibition space.

In addition to his characteristic paper folds in reduced tones of black and white, Jirka Pfahl shows an installation work: the installation ›Untitled (Marcel Duchamp)‹ was created as a homage to the great conceptual artist of the last century.

In the classic medium of canvas painting, Franziska Klotz shows us mummy portraits of women who once lived and plays with transformative moments of abstract surfaces and blurriness in her figurative painting style.

The fourth artist in our group show today, Ronny Szillo, describes himself as an archaeologist of the future and creates fictional finds in clay from a time that has not yet come.

Installation views: Credits Biliana Peneva and Lachenmann Art

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