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›Nobody has ever seen the bridges‹ 27/01/2024—08/03/2024

›Nobody has ever seen the bridges‹ 27/01/2024—08/03/2024

    Constance 27/01/2024—08/03/2024

    'Nobody has ever seen the bridges' - the consumer society we live in is essentially based on the permanent promise of happiness. This is tied to the body, above all in fixed ideals. It includes a massive cult of health and beauty.

    Our consumer society is so commercialized, digitalized and globalized that bridges to scope for action, design and participation are often overlooked. Consumption and ever-new mobility needs are thus intensified.
    each other.

    Artistic rule violations in this all-encompassing technophile
    I see future orientation, in which distribution power becomes the overarching authority, as an opportunity for art to challenge controversial debates. In the installation ›Constellations – nameless‹, the most primal energy storage devices are linked to form a multi-perspective force field.

    Constellations – nameless as physical cognition.

    Nobody has ever seen the bridges – as a means of enhancing perception.
    A utopia becomes a desired goal.

    December 2023
    Lilli Elsner

    Installation views: Credits Jörg Rudolph

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