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›NOWtime‹ 07/03/2020—25/05/2020

›NOWtime‹ 07/03/2020—25/05/2020

Constance 07/03/2020—25/05/2020

There is a lot to say about the artist Patrick Cierpka and his work, about his many exhibitions at home and abroad, the renowned collections in which his works can be found, about his political commitment to using art as a means to combat gentrification in Berlin, his social commitment to charity art auctions and his participation in many international art fairs. All in all, however, it would take up too much of an evening - so it's best to ask him yourself - he'll be here all evening.

Really good art evokes a reaction in the vast majority of viewers, whether it is positive or negative. If you look at Patrick Cierpka's works for a longer time and more intensively and allow yourself to be influenced by them, the title of this exhibition becomes clear: "NOW time" - excerpts from the now, from a past now.

These works by Patrick Cierpka bring out the most valuable thing that we humans possess - our memories. We have all experienced it - the sparkle and glow of sunbeams through the branches and twigs of trees, the reflection of light on the water... This brings us full circle to the title of the exhibition JETZTzeit - it is the captured "now", the fleeting moment of glitter and sparkle that becomes present again. We all have the memory of such a moment in common. The context, however, is different and unique for each and every one of us. Where were we when we experienced this moment, who were we with, what happened immediately before and after - were we happy or not? I would like to invite you all to share your memories of such a sparkling moment with one another.

Art must and should encourage people to exchange ideas, spark communication and encourage the viewer to reflect. Only in discourse can it exist and enrich us and our society and enable developments.

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