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›Good News‹ 29/01/2022—19/02/2022

›Good News‹ 29/01/2022—19/02/2022

    Jan Davidoff | Mi-Ryeon Kim | Agnes Lammert | Christiane Pieper | Jirka Pfahl | Jukka Rusanen | Sandra Schlipkoeter | Anna Tatarczyk | Lars Teichmann | Ning Yang

    Constance 29/01/2022—19/02/2022

    'Good news', that's how we start the New Year 2022 and combine the opening exhibition of this year with the announcement of wonderful news. The Lachenmann Art gallery in Konstanz will change its location and thus use this group show by valued artists and friends of the gallery to bid a fitting farewell to the current exhibition rooms on Kreuzlinger Strasse.

    In this show we show a cross-section of the interesting artistic positions in the gallery environment. In addition to works that can be assigned to the genre of landscape painting, portrait painting is shown to be an ever-current stylistic device. Non-objective pictures that only communicate through their own means and color value are contrasted with representational and story-telling art as part of the exhibition. While most of the works are in the classic medium of canvas painting, other techniques, installation moments and works on paper are also presented. In this direct reference of the individual positions to one another, an exciting dialogue arises that offers space for different ways of seeing, expressing and communicating.

    We are delighted to be able to share our last few weeks in our current premises with you through the exhibition ›Good News‹ and cordially invite you to experience this exhibition on site.

    From mid-March we will be opening new exhibition spaces in the Paradies district and are already looking forward to exciting events and your visit.

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