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›GIRLS STUFF‹ 12/11/2016 — 07/01/2017

›GIRLS STUFF‹ 12/11/2016 — 07/01/2017

  • Ana Rajcevic
  • Dagmar Kestner
  • Julia Shevalie

Constance 12/11/2016 — 07/01/2017

Girls stuff. What do you immediately think of when you hear these words? Pink, flowers, pastels and glitter? You'll be surprised. We are delighted to present three young international artists who are feminine, strong and beautiful; without pink and pastels. They work with clear lines, unusual materials and striking color contrasts. The common theme of the three very different artists is the transformation of the material.

Ana Rajcevic, who works in London and Berlin, designs head pieces inspired by animal skeletons that are adapted to the human body like prostheses. The light and thin sculptures are made of fiberglass, synthetic resin and plastic and were already on display this year at the Cooper Hewitt, Smithsonian Design Museum in New York. Dagmar Kestner's Fashion Artefacts are wearable sculptures that are created using a complex knotting technique that originates from the Orient. In combination with steel elements, the processed leather functions both as a sculpture on its own and when worn on the human body. The combination of materials creates a strange and at the same time familiar balance. Julia Schewalie, who lives in Munich, transforms everyday materials such as acrylic glass, nylon or PVC in a purist and at the same time poetic way. Her wall works transform when they meet the viewer and will appear new and different at any time of day and through every pair of eyes.
Do you still have pink and glitter in your head? Surely one or two thoughts have crept in. Exciting artistic positions await you, conceptual and far removed from painting.

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