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›Female Perspectives‹ 21/04/2023—01/07/2023

›Female Perspectives‹ 21/04/2023—01/07/2023

      Yvonne Andreini | Katrin Kampmann | Agnes Lammert | Ji Eun Lee | Valentina Murabito | Justine Otto | Angelika Platen | Stefanie Scheurell | Sandra Schlipkoeter | Miriam Vlaming

      Frankfurt 21/04/2023—01/07/2023

      The exhibition ›Female Perspectives‹ brings together ten female artistic positions and presents a range of contemporary representational possibilities. In addition to artists who have been represented in the gallery program for many years, the Lachenmann Art Gallery is also showing the works of some female artists for the first time.

      Yvonne Andreini, Katrin Kampmann, Agnes Lammert, Ji Eun Lee, Valentina Murabito, Justine Otto, Angelika Platen, Stefanie Scheurell, Sandra Schlipkoeter and Miriam Vlaming are presenting an extensive overall presentation in the basement of the gallery, demonstrating how diverse contemporary female art is.

      ›Female Perspectives‹ aims to provide an insight into the range, quality and authority of female artists, compares them with one another and questions their particularities. Explicit attention is paid to the diverse means of expression and media used by the participants.

      In addition to the classic medium of canvas painting, the exhibition combines photography, sculpture and free-standing canvas works, which in their dialogue address a wide variety of topics. In the question of democracy in the art world and the equality of women in the art market, ›Female Perspectives‹ joins this discourse, which must also be continued in the twenty-first century. With this exhibition we invite you on a journey.

      Starting with the paintings of Yvonne Andreini, in which the artist plays with the contrasts between drawing and painting, sense and sensibility, to the sculptural paintings and watercolors of Katrin Kampmann, which explore popular culture and its icons in her typical and very characteristic colorful style.

      Agnes Lammert's sculptures, hanging freely or standing on the floor, convey materiality and lightness and enter into a dialogue with Ji Eun Lee's hanging sculptures, in which the structure created by filling the empty spaces between the willow branches is in the foreground.

      Valentina Murabito's analogue photographs position themselves on this path of sculptures and paintings, whereby each photograph is unique, fixed on unconventional materials such as brick, bronze and wood, and in which reality is staged and reworked by changing the surfaces.

      Justine Otto's powerful portraits appear surprisingly mimetic from a distance, but when approached they reveal themselves to be abstract, broken by drastic and wild colored brushstrokes.

      In contrast to this are the photographic, black-and-white artist portraits by Angelika Platen, which celebrate and immortalize famous and, in this case, exclusively female artists, including Marina Abramovic and Katharina Grosse, as well as Miriam Vlaming, who is also represented in this exhibition with a portrait that is permeated by an ambiguous and mysterious aura that characterizes most of her works and confronts the viewer with the perception of their reality.

      Our journey ends with the artworks of Sandra Schlipkoeter and Stefanie Scheurell: While Sandra Schlipkoeter interacts with the viewer and the gallery space by transferring her interferences of waves and lines from the confines of the canvas to the walls surrounding her, Stefanie Scheurell - who was shown by us for the first time in Frankfurt at the beginning of the year - destroys and changes the advertising material that forms the starting point for her artistic work.

      The exhibition "Female Perspectives" aims to actively promote the balance in the representation of female artists at the international level and the female perspective in art creation, to highlight the intellectual and artistic achievements of these ten artists and, last but not least, to honor and celebrate their results.

      Installation Views: Credits Daniel Beyer

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