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›Size doesn't matter.‹ 02/02/2024—09/03/2024

›Size doesn't matter.‹ 02/02/2024—09/03/2024

      Markus Brenner | Michael Erbach | Dénesh Ghyczy | Nick Ervinck | Girmachew Getnet | Nicola Grabiele | Marc Jung | Katrin Kampmann | Agnes Lammert | Ji Eun Lee | Valentina Murabito | Jirka Pfahl | Stefanie Scheurell | Sandra Schlipkoeter | Bernd Sommer | Susanne Sterk

      Frankfurt 02/02/2024—09/03/2024

      The bigger the better? Our upcoming group exhibition shows that this mantra does not always hold true. All of the works have one thing in common: their size.
      Small-format works of art not only offer artists a special opportunity to present their work, but also the opportunity to consciously focus their creativity and experiment with different themes and techniques. Concentrating on a small display area allows the viewer a fresh look at unusual perspectives, small details, variations and also disruptions to viewing habits. This creates an intimate relationship between the artist, the work and the viewer, with the focus on the fine nuances that would otherwise remain hidden on a large scale.
      At the same time, the small size allows the viewer to bring this intimate relationship to the outside world and to place themselves at the center of it. Small, light, but still sophisticated in terms of content, small-format works can be easily integrated into the existing living and living situation. This type of artwork is aimed at experienced art lovers, as well as those who want to become one. They enrich existing collections in a pointed way and also form a nice starting point for the beginning of a new passion.
      We look forward to presenting you a fine selection of curated works of art that show their strength precisely in their small dimensions.

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