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›Constantia‹ 15/03/2024—20/04/2024

›Constantia‹ 15/03/2024—20/04/2024

    Constance 15/03/2024—20/04/2024

    With the exhibition ›Constantia‹, Peter Vink captures the essence of the historical era of the city of Konstanz in an oversized light installation entitled ›Porta de Constantia‹ (›Door of Konstanz‹). In his second solo exhibition at Lachenmann Art, the focus is on a portal made of illuminated LED arches, which reflects a relevant architectural and historical element of the city of Konstanz. This unique contemporary light installation transforms the Konstanz gallery spaces into an immersive experience that takes the viewer back to the historical past of the Castella Constantia .

    As part of his artistic methodology, Peter Vink focuses on building the relationship between the given space and light art. He tries to capture the genius loci - the spirit of the space - with his elaborate light constructions. The outlines of individual bricks are the elements he selected and an integral part of the buildings of ›Porta de Constantia‹. As the main element of his light art, Vink not only interprets the historical artifacts of the city of Constance in his work, but he also plays with the architectural elements of his perceived environment. In this case, he lets the arched windows and columns of the gallery rooms merge with his work of art.

    Peter Vink is known for creating a dialogue between space and art. What is particularly impressive is the amount of material used and the structure of his works of art. The work of art ›Porta de Constantia‹ consists of 500 illuminated LED light strips on a total of 250 m long aluminum strips. The individual LED outlines were prefabricated in his Amsterdam studio. The actual work of art was created on site over several days with a total work output of over 700 hours.

    Following the success of the solo exhibition at the Lachenmann Art Gallery in Frankfurt in 2023, the current artwork will again be accompanied by technical sketches, which will be available in a strictly limited edition. In addition, the exhibition will be enriched by individual small light objects that represent single bricks , extracted bricks.

    Peter Vink was born in Bilt in the Netherlands in 1974 and studied at the Gerrit Rietveld Academy in Amsterdam. Famous for his monumental light installations in public and private spaces, Peter Vink recently delighted visitors to the Amsterdam Light Festival. He regularly receives commissions from public institutions, such as the Dutch government's Building Department.

    Installation views: Credits Jörg Rudolph

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