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›Berlin Girls‹ 10/01/2015 — 28/02/2015

›Berlin Girls‹ 10/01/2015 — 28/02/2015

  • Anne Schreiber
  • Aya Onodera
  • Minyoung Park
  • Zohar Fraiman          

Constance 10/01/2015 — 28/02/2015

Berlin Girls On January 10, 2015 at 6 p.m., the Lachenmann Art gallery in Konstanz will open its doors again to welcome all art lovers to another exhibition: the BERLIN GIRLS are here.

The exhibited works of the artists could not appear more different. However, the four, who come from Germany, Japan, South Korea and Israel, have one thing in common: They all recently completed their studies at the Berlin University of the Arts.

In Anne Schreiber's work, it is the finely composed, diverse color beams that gently introduce the viewer to the fusion of the individual layers of color. In other works, whether on cotton or wood, it is the clear separation of the colors; their juxtaposition by means of radical cuts.

With her pictures from the “Sea Veins” series, Aya Onodera takes us into the depths of the sea and shows sinking, life, death, transmigration of souls and the unconscious. Her works radiate pure beauty and intensity and allow the viewer to sink into blue worlds full of grace.

In Minyoung Park's work, the viewer is immersed in Berlin's Grunewald forest. Her pictures were created with the desire to present themselves free of myths and without the scope for interpretation of a particular national identity. The feelings for the forest are the focus and the artist conveys this mood through wonderfully light abstraction.

Zohar Fraiman has been dealing with themes of Jewish tradition for many years, with the role of women as shaped by religion and tradition. Her current works focus on the legend of the Dybbuk, in which a prospective bride encounters the ghost of a former lover. In her depictions, eerie and frightening moments flow into a romantically beautiful image of fateful union.

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