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›Backstage‹ 17/07/2021—28/08/2021

›Backstage‹ 17/07/2021—28/08/2021

Deniz Alt | Markus Brenner | Patrick Cierpka | Jan Davidoff | Lennart Grau | Axel Jimenez | Marc Jung | Brett Murray | Jirka Pfahl | Römer + Römer | Jukka Rusanen | Lars Teichmann |Peter Vink | Danil Yordanov

Frankfurt 17/07/2021—28/08/2021

The exhibition ›BACKSTAGE‹ in the Lachenmann Art Frankfurt gallery presents a variety of works from different genres in an unconventionally refreshing exhibition format. Away from solo shows and theme-related exhibitions, this format offers a new look behind the scenes. Comparable to a studio visit, an exciting selection of the diverse and unique artistic positions is staged on the upper floor. The focus here is primarily on the gallery artists, whose works interact with each other in the space and open up a dynamic dialogue.

In the architectural-figurative moments of his works and the shadowy blurring of what is depicted, Deniz Alt questions his own identity and the social dialectic in dealing with existential political issues.

Markus Brenner also focuses on existential positions with his characteristic fish photographs. There is always a complexity that moves between transience, consumer and environmental criticism, and fashion statements.

Wave-like light effects and reflections are an essential part of the themes in Patrick Cierpka's oeuvre. Whether light shines through the colorful leaves of the trees or is reflected on the water at night - the nature-inspired painting enchants every viewer.

Lennart Grau's relief-like paintings are created by applying bright colors in a pasty manner. The figures, streaked with paint, are always faceless, but their clothing and staging suggest a historical context, albeit one that is expressively distorted.

With Axel Jimenez, the Lachenmann Art gallery presents a new artist in its gallery program. The South American's works are expressed through both painting and drawing, mixing colorful forms with writing, rap lyrics and the rhythm of the hip-hop music scene.

Marc Jung questions social constructs with his colorful and expressive works. He orientates himself on the zeitgeist of a young generation, quotes pop culture and draws attention to social conditions with bright colors.

The South African artist Brett Murray uses his wall objects to draw attention to the issue of Eurocentrism and Afrocentrism. He wants to change people's perspectives and opinions through satirical and tragic reflection on the issues.

Jirka Pfahl and his endless paper folds, which are based on mathematical formulas, develop their full effect through plays of light and shadow, light and dark, and depending on the viewing angle, new patterns can always be recognized.

The artist couple Römer + Römer focus on pulsating snapshots of our social life in their art. The artists place countless individual dots on the canvas, which, similar to pointillism, are created in the mind - a play of vibrating life that creates an image when viewed from a distance.

The powdery, light paintings of the Finnish artist Jukka Rusanen fluctuate between figuration and expressivity. The abstract structures, which nevertheless reveal forms, float elegantly on the canvas and often quote important works in art history.

Lars Teichmann's colorful still lifes, like his portrait paintings, are charged with quotations from the art historical past. The objects and bodies in a pastose manner are intentionally kept abstract for reception in order to make the initial perception of the image challenging.

 The light installation by the famous Dutch light artist Peter Vink seems to be the beginning of an endless staircase and invites you into the gallery's exhibition rooms. The shimmering structure oscillates through perception and thus simulates the materiality of the bluish steps.

Danil Yordanov's monochrome graphite works unfold a timeless dynamic through their individual structures. The works, which initially seem timid, develop a monumental aura with their robust substance that catches the eye and thus rounds off the studio-like atmosphere and unpretentious presentation style in our rooms. – Lachenmann Art

Installation views: Credits Eric Tschernow

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