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›40x30‹ 20/07/2020—14/09/2020

›40x30‹ 20/07/2020—14/09/2020

Selected works by

Annette Apel | Theo Boettger | Stefan Bohnhoff | Martin Böttger | Jessica Buhlmann | Patrick Cierpka | André Deloar | Aaron van Erp | Axel Geis | Oliver Gröne | Oliver Helbig | Alexander Klenz | Henning Kles | Karsten Konrad | Bettina Krieg | Jan Muche | Lea Asja Pagenkemper | Oskar Rink | Lars Teichmann | Daniel M Thurau | Felix Wunderlich

Curated by CODEX

In the group show ›40 x 30‹, the Lachenmann Art gallery is showing selected works by 20 contemporary artists. The exhibition was curated by Codex, the two Berlin artists Lars Teichmann and Oliver Gröne, and can be seen in Konstanz from July 20 to September 14, 2020.

Almost 40 predominantly current works of art are shown, which are expressed in various styles. In terms of content, the exhibition is characterized by its diversity, but there is one connecting element between all the works: the eponymous format of 40 x 30 cm. The open concept creates a mixture of various techniques and styles, and the unusual hanging brings the works together into a single unit.

The works on display are contemporary and emerging positions. These are complemented by the works of already established artists.

The artist collective CODEX is a dynamic association of artists who have been working together for years and are constantly evolving. Together they create new art discourses in which the diverse positions of contemporary art find their expression.

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