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Struktur 46 | Ji Eun Lee

Struktur 46 | Ji Eun Lee

Artist: Ji Eun Lee

Material/technology: Willow basket in casting resin

Dimensions: 29.3 cm x 39.8 cm x 4.2 cm

Year: 2023

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The unique works of the artist Ji Eun Lee captivate with an unknown visual effect, which is primarily generated by the materials used. The willow branches cast in cast resin materialize into semi-opaque objects in which unimagined structures and patterns emerge. The artist describes her creative process and the thematic focus of her work in the following words: “I have been dealing with the subject of negative space for a long time. The switch between negative and positive space by molding surfaces fascinates me. In some previous studies, I used silicone to seal small gaps in everyday objects. Lately I've often used wickerwork as a starting material, for example from wicker baskets. I am particularly interested in the various structures and different haptics that become visible in the braiding process. As a cultural utility, wickerwork has been particularly inspirational to my artistic work in the past.” Ji Eun Lee was born in Seoul, South Korea. Today she lives and works in Munich, after completing her studies at the Art Academy in Düsseldorf with Prof. Hoernschemeyer as a master student. Before that she studied sculpture at the University of the Arts in Bremen and at the Kookmin University in Seoul.

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