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Helene | Jukka Rusanen

Helene | Jukka Rusanen

Artist: Jukka Rusanen

Material/technology: Oil and pencil on canvas

Dimensions: 80 cm x 60 cm

Year: 2020

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The Finnish artist Jukka Rusanen (*1980) enthuses with his refreshing view of the world. Jukka Rusanen is an artist in whose pictorial oeuvre two spheres ingeniously fuse: that of subtle colourfulness and that of sovereign line. Drawing and painting. The two are not juxtaposed or even in competition with each other, as is the case with other artists, but the colouring and the gesture interact with each other, become one. The line manifests itself in the colour, merges and yet remains clearly recognisable in each case. Similar to the instrumentation of an orchestral piece, his paintings have something imposingly symphonic about it. Moreover it comes along full of lightness, completely intuitive, and that is exactly what makes Jukka Rusanen's art so appealingly likeable. Smetana improvisations played on the rococo spinet. 
Whoever sees these paintings is in close contact with himself, is completely at one. And yet we as observers enjoy when we may decipher something behind the flickering of the colour traces, which leads us back into the world and again immediately carries us away, knowing: this is pure painting, which above all refers to one thing, to its own means, to itself. Art as made by nature, and yet: art. —  Prof. Dr. Martin Oswald, 2022
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