My favourite - Art spotted ›SSS (SCHEISSSTRICHERSTREIFEN NR 05)‹ by Marc Jung

My favourite - Art spotted ›SSS (SCHEISSSTRICHERSTREIFEN NR 05)‹ by Marc Jung

In the series ›My favourite - Art spotted‹, Moritz from our gallery in Konstanz presents his favourite work today:

I have already had the opportunity to sell Marc Jung's works at various exhibitions: I have always had special memories of them! The daring color combination of the smaller canvas work ›SSS (SCHEISSSTRICHERSTREIFEN NR 05)‹ from 2022 has a special appeal for me. Perhaps this is because this work articulates its reference to European painting history more subtly than other works by the young artist. The expressionist acrylic paints approach an abstract color field painting almost calmly. The pop colors attack the noble, harmonious, often sublime character of color field painting. Instead of auratic, wandering depictions, Jung, who often uses the means of street art, presents a conglomerate of styles.

His complementary colors run down the canvas, reminiscent of performative action painting. In this very movement, they easily contribute to successful and stylish color gradients. The fact that the color drips over the canvas onto the studio floor seems to be the intended result of this process that recognizes art history - it is not for nothing that the disciplined master student of Daniel Richter and Wolfram Adalbert Scheffler does not subscribe to any style school: rather, he cleverly reflects it by ironizing it. The end point of this revealing strategy of making things visible is a philosophical and visual treatise on the canonical visual history of the early 20th century, ranging from light blue to bright pink, which easily creates its own, completely new visual language without filtering.

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